New Poll Results Terrify Democrats!

For some reason, the mainstream media and the pollsters who provide them with “story” material in the form of “polls” insist on trying to stir up and maintain controversy where there often isn’t any.

On Wednesday, pollster Frank Luntz released his findings of the pulse of who he thinks are supporters of President Donald Trump after the invasion of the Capitol Building by groups wearing Make America Great Again gear, but whose behavior was the complete antithesis of the people who actually attend the MAGA rallies and pick up trash after themselves.

Luntz was shocked to find out that 91% of Trump supporters were still with him after that incident, and only 25% blamed him for the altercation itself.

The reason this is the case may well be that the vast majority of the people backing President Trump and those who voted for him are no longer consuming mainstream media offerings and have turned to alternatives for the truth, but that didn’t come up in the poll.

The mainstream media pretty much put the blame on President Trump’s shoulders even though there is nowhere in any of his speeches the legacy men and women can point to that makes a request for violence.

The keyboard army who analyzed footage of the invasion also demonstrated that the leading groups were not the MAGA people who were in Washington for the rally and Jericho Walk to the Capitol.

In addition to the finding of 91% still sticking with Trump, as if there was an alternative that puts America first in politics today, Luntz also found that 76% of the people he polled think the election was rigged and that 67% believe that if the vote was counted accurately, President Trump would win re-election quite handily.

And this is despite the best attempts by the mainstream media to convince the nation and the world that a man who could not draw more than a few dozen people to campaign events could defeat a man who had supporters lining up days in advance to see him and who inspired non-campaign events and rallies all over the country prior to the election.

We the People are on to the effort to make us believe what is not true as truth.

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January 13, 2021 10:32 pm

what’s about to take place is payback time – pelosi – maxine asshole waters – schumer- shit head shiftless , little nadle boy who looks like humpty dumpty all better take heed- we will not forget about the cheating- the lying the deception by all the corrupted dems – kum ba ya time is over – its called ba-ta-bing time now –

Keith Clark
Keith Clark
January 15, 2021 11:10 pm

President Trump won in a Landslide.
The whole world knows this.
Biden is the leader of a Crime Family.
We do not elect Criminals to be our President.