New Report Details Surveillance On January 6 Protestors

New Report Details Surveillance On January 6 Protestors

On January 6, 2021, hundreds of thousands of Make America Great Again fans and patriots gathered on the Mall in Washington, D.C., at the behest of President Donald Trump.

Little did the crowd know that those who ended up at the Capitol Building were walking into a trap.

A recently surfaced report dated three days before the protest outlines the surveillance set up by the Metropolitan Police Department in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security.

A new police report that was exclusively obtained by The Epoch Times has proved that “plainclothes” members of a special law enforcement Electronic Surveillance Unit (ESU) were secretly embedded among protesters for the purposes of conducting video surveillance on January 6th.

The newly uncovered report, titled First Amendment Demonstrations, was issued on Jan. 3, 2021, by DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief of Police Robert Contee under the Homeland Security Bureau’s Special Operations Division. It detailed the MPD’s response to the planned MAGA protest, which included specifics about covert operations that occurred on and leading up to January 6th.

According to the never-before-seen report, the MPD began its preparations by activating Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU) platoons, which are specially trained groups of officers (K-9 unit, Air Support, etc.) who respond to “protests, demonstrations, and civil disturbances,” on Jan. 4, 2021, with the full activation of 28 of these platoons scheduled to occur over the next two days. Despite not being listed as one of the 37 CDU platoons on MPD’s roster, the Electronic Surveillance Unit was also activated to work the crowd covertly during the protest.

Included in this group were an unknown number of “plainclothes” MPD CDU “members” who were embedded into the crowd and tasked with “document(ing) the actions of the demonstrators and MPD’s response to any civil disobedience or criminal activity,” the First Amendment Demonstrations report revealed.

In order for other law enforcement personnel to recognize the undercover ESU members, they were given a rainbow-colored “bracelet” to wear “on their left wrist” for easy identification.

All this was for a patriotic group where the leadership stressed peace.

For electronic surveillance. Without warrants, apparently.

According to the Epoch Times, which reviewed the report, it is unknown exactly who the “members” of the MPD ESU were. However, they do point out that the report refrains from ever referring to them as “officers” or “police.” All in all, the outlet concludes that the evidence shown in the report indicates “a day of security deficiencies and police provocation for the purpose of entrapment,” which is right in line with other evidence that has come out since that day.

January 6, 2021, is turning out to be a day that will live in the history books as something other than advertised. It was a big entrapment operation for both President Trump and his followers.

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