New Video Of Racial Epithets Naturally Rolling Off Joe Biden’s Tongue

I don’t think anyone will find themselves surprised that another video of Joe Biden using the “N” word has surfaced… After all, make no mistake about it… Joe Biden is one of the original hood wearin’ cross burnin’ Democrat pigs…

In this video from the 1985 nomination hearing for William Reynolds to become the Associate Attorney General, then Senator Joe Biden makes no attempt whatsoever to be anymore racially sensitive than the pig who wrote the document he was reading from, and the vile racial epithet that begins with N and ends with R rolls off of his tongue with ease as though it is a frequent part of his vocabulary…

Given his other comments over the years like during the Anita Hill appearance at the confirmation hearing for Justice Clarence Thomas, his comments about bussing and integration, the statements made advocating for the 1990’s Crime Bill, and even just recently when he accused those not intending to vote for him of not being black…

Lets face it, if you apply the standards that the democrats seem to want to apply whereby anyone who lived during slavery or segregation was and is a racist bigot, then any of them still walking the halls of the Congress or Senate over about the age of 70 need to go… They all lived during a time when negros drank from different water fountains, whites had their own bathrooms, and the six-o’clock news anchors all referred to black people as negros, and usually in a condescending way… Have the Capital Police remove them all and make sure they take any portraits they thought would hang in the halls of Congress with them…

Is Joe Biden A Racist?
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I will put the short clip that gets right to the use of the racial epithets first and then the full length video of that days confirmation hearing in case any of you are historical news junkies…

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