New York City Mayor Begins Term With An Act Of Favoritism

New York City Mayor Begins Term With An Act Of Favoritism

Some political themes never seem to change. The whole nepotism thing is one of them. Funny how friends and family always seem to get the cushy gigs.

The latest example of that age-old maxim comes to us from New York City. The latest mayor of Gotham gifted his brother in the traditional grifter fashion.

New York Mayor Eric Adams has tapped his brother for a high-level job in the New York City Police Department (NYPD), raising questions regarding potential conflicts of interest, according to reports.

Bernard Adams, a retired police officer, will oversee governmental affairs in his role as a deputy police commissioner with the NYPD, the New York Post reported. The job comes with a salary of around $240,000, The Daily Beast said.

He most recently worked as assistant director of operations for parking at the medical campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, according to his LinkedIn, after retiring from the NYPD in 2006. He left the police department after 20 years of service, the Daily Mail reported.

At least the man was a cop at one point, but seriously…the mayor appoints his BROTHER to such a post after a fifteen-year break from the force?

“New Yorkers expect that public servants are hired based on their unique qualifications and not because they are the mayor’s brother,” said Susan Lerner, the executive director of government watchdog Common Cause New York, in an email to the Daily News.

“It is unclear whether a waiver from the Conflict of Interest Board would be required for this appointment,” she added. “Even with a waiver, the appointment of the Mayor’s close relative does not inspire public confidence.”

The official course of action is that the police commissioner must make the recommendation. The question is whether or not the commissioner is willing to buck City Hall.

Interesting times, indeed.

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