New York Times Journalists Object To Free Speech

In an incredibly un-American way a group of New York Times journalist who’s very profession is made possible and secured by the First Amendment have begun a campaign against free speech following an op-ed their paper published by Senator Tom Cotton.

Senator Cotton’s op-ed titled “Send in the Troops” advocates for President Trump to activate regular military units to quell the disturbances destroying our nation utilizing the Insurrection Act. Something polling shows American’s are largely supportive of him doing.

These are the same journalist praising the op-ed by General Mattis condemning the President’s suggestion that such action should be taken.

The idea that any opinion should be censored or prohibited is about as un-American as it gets and for journalist to suggest, must less advocate doing so, is reprehensible!

Here are some of the Tweets of journalist condemning the paper for publishing the op-ed asserting that publishing his op-ed some how puts the African-American staff and journalist at the New York Times at risk of being harmed.

You can read the entire thread on Twitter, but my favorite is the last one where the poster encourages them all to quit working for the New York Times… I have a better idea for any journalist that opposes the First Amendment… FIND ANOTHER PROFESSION!

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