New York Times Reporter Admits Trump Russian Fiasco Was A Hoax!

New York Times Reporter Admits Trump Russian Fiasco Was A Hoax!

For years now, the mainstream media has hammered President Donald Trump and his supposed connections to Russia that included a lewd tape of him having to do something with urine.

As it turns out, according to a reporter with the New York Times, Matthew Rosenberg, who spoke to an undercover reporter for Project Veritas, the darn thing does not exist.

One of the most surprising moments of the footage was Rosenberg speaking about his confidential sources, including the source of what Rosenberg calls “that ridiculous, like pee tape.”

Rosenberg is likely referring to Buzzfeed’s 2017 publishing of sections of an unverified intelligence report on former President Trump’s relationship with Russia, frequently referred to as the “Steele dossier.” The “Steele dossier” claimed that a tape existed of Trump engaging in lewd acts while visiting Russia, but Rosenberg tells a Project Veritas undercover reporter that the tape “doesn’t exist.”

Essentially, that story was a fabrication. So much for journalistic integrity.

The conversation Rosenberg had with the Project Veritas reporter was actually far-reaching and described the atmosphere in the newsroom at the Times, which truly sounds dysfunctional.

Rosenberg also discussed what happens in the newsroom at the New York Times revealing that there is “a real internal tug of war between, like the reasonable people and some of the crazier leftist sh*t that’s worked it’s way in there.”

Rosenberg added, “They’re not the majority, but they’re very vocal, loud minority that dominate social media and, therefore, has just hugely outsized influence.” Rosenberg also said he thinks this is “alienating” its subscribers who he describes as “prosperous.”

Rosenberg then said his colleagues at the NYT are “bullies” and “not the clearest thinkers, some of them” before calling the people that end up at the paper “very neurotic people.”

Rosenberg may actually be right about alienating subscribers. That does not stop the people at the Times from publishing what they do with the blessing of management.

How this plays out in the future will be interesting to watch.

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