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Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Issues Stunning Ruling Against California Gun Control

WOW! The court once known as the Ninth Circus full of ultra-liberal far-left lunatic judges has just handed down a landmark ruling against the communist state of California that should make any God-fearin’, gun lovin’, red-blooded American proud…

What we are seeing here is the result of President Trump and his Republican-controlled senate’s aggressive effort to appoint as many federal judges as they could possibly fit into their schedule… They have confirmed over two hundred judges who believe and understand that it is their job to judge the law based on the Constitution and statutes passed through the congressional legislative process versus the liberal approach of judges looking at an issue and ruling on the case the way they believe it should be… It’s called legislating from the bench and it’s wrong!

What makes this such a huge victory is that one of the most restrictive gun control states in the Republic who have in the past relied on the Ninth Circuit to back their unconstitutional liberal dominance over gun owners just got spanked hard and one of many efforts by them to infringe on the Second Amendment has failed!

The case was Duncan Vs. Becerra and the issue was large-capacity magazines… California had placed a ten-round maximum capacity on magazines and this is what the court had to say about that in their decision:

“We also want to make clear that our decision today does not address issues not before us. We do not opine on bans on so-called “assault weapons,” nor do we speculate about the legitimacy of bans on magazines holding far larger quantities of ammunition. Instead, we only address California’s ban on LCMs as it appears before us. We understand the purpose in passing this law. But even the laudable goal of reducing gun violence must comply with the Constitution. California’s near-categorical ban of LCMs infringes on the fundamental right to self-defense. It criminalizes the possession of half of all magazines in America today.”

For those that don’t follow these things closely the Becerra named in the case is none other than California Attorney General Xavier Becerra who has spent most of the past three-plus years trying to sue President Trump for one thing or another.

Attorney General Becerra could appeal the case to the Supreme Court now if he really believes he has a righteous case but the truth is this issue, as a number of other Second Amendment issues never make it to the Supreme Court for a reason… Liberals are not all that bright and have some pretty radical positions on gun control but their lawyers know damn well taking Second Amendment issues to the Supreme Court is a HUGE threat to their efforts to restrict access to firearms…

They know that taking these unconstitutional cases to the Supreme Court will result in a loss and when they lose a case in the Supreme Court it becomes a nationwide precedent… They are terrified of giving the Supreme Court a chance to issues like concealed carry, waiting periods, or limited monthly purchases because the Second Amendment could not be clearer… It SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

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