North Korean Leaders Warn US After Biden Speech Calls Them Out

Crazy Uncle Joe Biden and his merry band of minions are turning out to be just one gigantic embarrassment on the world stage.

Most of us are familiar with not greeting the Japanese contingent when they visited the White House, and the mess at the Southern Border, but now the North Koreans are complaining. They claim that the Biden people want to put relations in the past when it seems that the North Koreans want to be back in the future.

“His statement clearly reflects his intent to keep enforcing the hostile policy toward the DPRK as it had been done by the U.S. for over half a century,” Kwon Jong Gun, a senior North Korean Foreign Ministry official, said in a statement. DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the official name of North Korea.

“It is certain that the U.S. chief executive made a big blunder in the light of the present-day viewpoint,” Kwon said. “Now that the keynote of the U.S. new DPRK policy has become clear, we will be compelled to press for corresponding measures, and with time the U.S. will find itself in a very grave situation.”

Kwon didn’t specify what steps North Korea would take, and his statement could be seen as an effort to apply pressure on the Biden administration as it’s shaping up its North Korea policy.

While that may be the case, the Biden people are busy trying to simply erase anything and everything President Donald Trump did in his first term in office. That includes the strides made in peaceful relations with North Korea, among other enemy neutralizations.

There are more maneuvers going on between the North Koreans and the South which are all wrapped up in the same foreign relations kit and kaboodle that the world saw changed under President Trump. Some of the people of the world want Trump’s style back. It’s pretty obvious that whoever is pulling the strings of the Biden regime does not.

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