Bill de Blasio Failure

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Overwhelmed By Homeless Crumbles Under Pressure

Law of unintended consequences, or did the consequences backfire?

Which ever the case may be, trouble was bound to be in the offing when New York City’s Bill de Blasio – the man who made a mess of the Big Apple – decided to pay hotels in need of occupancy one hundred and seventy five dollars a night to allow homeless people to camp in their rooms.

While hotels were grateful for the business, and the homeless for roofs over their heads, people in the neighborhoods weren’t so enamored of the policy and started to complain. The complaints – along with New Yorkers fleeing the city in droves – have prompted Bill de Blasio to change course.

‘We’re now starting the process of reducing the reliance on hotels. And the more we can do that – and I think that’s the big plan is make sure we can start to get people out of those hotels, relieve some of the pressure on those communities, but do it in a way that’s really safe for everyone involved, and starting with those who are homeless,’ he said at his press conference on Monday.

Translation: the homeless are going back to the shelters in an attempt to stem the tide of human flight – along with a lot of money – to more friendly locales for the civilized and upwardly mobile.

The main problem for Bill de Blasio is the sheer expense of putting up the homeless in hotels while the high rate taxpayers are leaving the state. (Talk about trying to soak the rich.) That has to stop or New York City will sink further into bankruptcy all while still having a homeless population that is on the rise in the midst of the COVID-19 shutdown. With tourism more or less at a standstill, and restaurants and bars not fully open, many people can’t find work simply to make ends meet.

And that is due to Bill de Blasio, and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s policies.

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