NYPD Top Cop Tells It Like It Is!

If the consequences weren’t so dire, the passing of the buck and blame in New York for the increase in crime and shootings would be almost comical.

But, it isn’t.

Gotham, like a number of other American cities this year, is seeing a sharp and alarming increase in crime, so much so, that Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a gun emergency in the state.

The head of the New York City Police Department, on the other hand, has a differing opinion.

The NYPD sounded the alarm long before Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a statewide “gun emergency,” top cop Dermot Shea said Wednesday, as he repeated his familiar refrain that bail reform was to blame for the shooting surge.

The police commissioner was asked on PIX 11 about the governor’s first-of-its-kind move Tuesday in combating the scourge of gun violence across New York, including $138 million in new spending to try to stop the trend.

“Well, I think we announced it last year, you know, and I’m glad that the governor came out and put it on the forefront that it is a problem that we’re facing right now,” Shea told host Dan Mannarino during a Wednesday morning appearance.

“I think you’ve got to get uncomfortable here, and the uncomfortable conversation for a lot of people is we have to address that law that was passed in 2019, and the implications that we’re feeling today,” he said, referring to sweeping bail reform measures that took effect in January 2020.

Since then, Shea and other NYPD brass have attributed the spike in shootings to more criminals being cut loose without bail…

As of June 2021, according to NYPD statistics, the crime rate is beginning to decline. The question which has not been answered is how many people released back into the wild after arrests were part of the increase. Those statistics might well vindicate Mr. Shea.

It’s not the guns. It’s the people handling them.

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