Oklahoma Governor Signs Restrictive Abortion Law

Oklahoma Governor Signs Restrictive Abortion Law

Modern life is loaded with scourges from the left. One of those scourges is the taking of innocent lives in the womb, the act of abortion. For almost five decades the fight to save unborn children has been raging.

On Tuesday in Oklahoma, the governor, Kevin Stitt, signed what may be the nation’s most restrictive abortion law. The only time one can be performed is to save the life of the mother, a situation obstetricians claim does not present itself.

“We want to outlaw abortion in the state of Oklahoma,” he said, denouncing liberal activists from the coast who always seem to want to come in and dictate a mandate and change our way of life ahead of mounting legal challenges to the measure.

Governor Stitt was surrounded by religious leaders and pro-life activists as he signed the bill into law.

Legal challenges are already mounting against this bill, and if it survives those, the law will go into effect over the summer.

This is the first of two bills, a double whammy to the cause of abortion on demand in Oklahoma, working to essentially outlaw killing children in the womb. The other is making its way through the legislature and would outlaw abortion after six weeks of gestation.

Part of the push for this legislation may be the number of women traveling to Oklahoma from Texas, a state which also has heavily restricted abortion laws, for the procedure.

Meanwhile, the people at Planned Parenthood and other abortion activists are in a tizzy given that the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a case against the Texas laws.

“The US Supreme Court’s failure to stop Texas from nullifying the constitutional right to abortion has emboldened other states to do the same,” said Nancy Northrup, CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which represents providers in the Supreme Court case.

“Oklahoma’s total abortion ban is blatantly unconstitutional and will wreak havoc on the lives of people seeking abortion care within and outside the state,” she said. “We’ve sued the state of Oklahoma ten times in the last decade to protect abortion access and we will challenge this law as well to stop this travesty from ever taking effect.”

Killing babies in the womb isn’t mentioned in the Constitution, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

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