Oregon Man Challenges ANTIFA

Oregon Man Challenges ANTIFA And Gets Unexpected Results

Things are getting ugly in yet another city in Oregon. Not happy with practically destroying Portland, the Antifa mob has now moved on to the state’s capital, Salem, and on Monday, targeted people driving in their cars during a Freedom Rally.

One man’s truck was targeted with water balloons that caused damage to it, and when he stopped and got out to investigate, he found himself surrounded by men dressed in black and pointing cans of spray paint at him. The man was calm until something – paint or a can – struck him. That was when he pulled out a firearm and the crowd got nervous.

After hearing shouts from the crowd regarding the gun, the man – who remains unidentified as the investigation of the incident is not complete – was tackled to the ground by police.

Police said more than 100 left-wing protesters — many linked to the Youth Liberation Front — turned up to “prevent the Freedom Rally caravan” that was planning to meet at the Capitol. The mob is accused of damaging vehicles, including the alleged gunman’s, which was covered in yellow spray paint and had its windows smashed.

Most were “wearing black clothing and ballistic vests and carrying firearms, bats, skateboards, umbrellas, shields and gas masks,” police said.

“Soon after their arrival, the Salem Police department began to receive reports that individuals from the Court Street group were targeting vehicles driving by,” the statement said.

“The victims reported their vehicles were damaged by paint-filled balloons, rocks and other hard objects being thrown at them as they passed,” the force said — highlighting one that “sustained significant damage after a large tree limb was thrown through the front window.”

The left-wing protesters seem to have been itching for a fight, just waiting for a patriot to take the first shot, even if it would be in self-defense. The best thing patriots can do for now is not oblige the other side. Otherwise, it could get really ugly really fast.

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April 1, 2021 7:48 am

‘law enforcement’ NEEDS A SERIOUS RETRAINING on exactly WHO THEY SERVE!

They ARE NOT HIRED to ‘support the unsupportable’ but to SERVE AND PROTECT” WE, THE PEOPLE from trash like the blm, antifa, and CORRUPT POLITICIANS WITH NO BACKBONE!