Overseas Military Ballots Stolen By Democrats

Overseas Military Ballots Stolen By Democrats In Swing States (VIDEO)

Far from being the nothingburger that the mainstream media and skeptical conservatives consider them to be, the state-level audits of the 2020 general election are revealing breathtaking illegal activity.

Not only were all the observers of the vote count kicked out of the various precincts in key swing states while the count went on with tubs of ballots materializing from under tables, which was caught on surveillance video, but over the weekend True the Vote released a video of ballot harvesting in Georgia where an operative was caught on film photographing a spread of mail-in ballots before putting them into a dropbox. Operatives get ten dollars per ballot but must provide proof of their work in order to be compensated.

Now, testimony from hearings in Arizona is surfacing from a member of the audit team there describing the condition of the Overseas Military ballots he observed and cataloged.

During the hearing, Paul Harris, a Maricopa resident and veteran in corporate executive management, spoke to the committee. Harris was a manager during the audit of the Maricopa County audit of the 2020 election ballots.

Paul Harris was tasked with overseeing the UOCAVA ballots during the audit. He described his experience.

Paul Harris: The UOCAVA is the Uniform Overseas Civilian Absentee Voting Act ballot. That ballot is sent out to men and women who work overseas and the people who work overseas to get a chance to work in the election. This is what a ballot looks like that goes out, an 11 1/2 X 19 ballot. When I opened up a box of ballots this is what a ballot looks like that’s a UOCAVA ballot. You know what that is? It’s an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of copy paper.

Paul Harris continued: Did you all know that our ballots come back like this from our overseas people? Did any of you know this? It is such a sham that I had people every day at my table taking pictures of these ballots that were scanned down. It took my team three complete days to count all of the UOCAVA ballots. You know why? Because in 2016 the numbers were apparently 1,600 UOCAVA ballots that came back in the most significant election in our lifetime. In 2020 the numbers were close to 9,600 ballots that came back. And I will tell you as an eye-witness, 95%… all went towards one candidate. And in a state where a candidate won by 10,000 votes that is 8,000 new votes during an election where people were brought home because there was a pandemic… No chain of custody. There’s nothing to identify where this piece of paper came from.

This testimony by Paul Harris is very similar to what we witnessed in Michigan and Georgia.

The Gateway Pundit has been on top of this story from the beginning, and this latest detail of the cheating demonstrates just how little the Democrats think of our men and women in uniform. Stealing their votes when they have offered their lives in exchange for our freedom is as low as one can go, that’s for sure.

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