Peaceful Protesters Destroy The Los Angeles Police

Peaceful Protesters Destroy The Los Angeles Police Chief’s Private Residence

Some of the “protests” are getting bold in their chosen targets.

On the night of President Donald Trump’s triumphant acceptance speech at the finale of the Republican National Convention, a group of troublemakers decided to change course from their announced plans and head to the home of Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore.

Moore, as it happens, lives in a gated community with a locked pedestrian gate. The group seeking him out somehow managed to get past that gate, and went to his house to cover it with handwritten placards and signage.

Of course, the news media had been alerted and a member of the fifth column known as the fourth estate was there to record the moment for the history books.

Journalist Samuel Braslow with the Beverly Hills Courier captured video of the incident. In the footage, protesters are heard saying: “We are at Chief Moore’s house. He is the chief of LAPD. The most brutal police force in the nation.”

How Los Angeles got that reputation is a story for a different day, but the reality is that they have been a target of disdain for a long time, and this can be considered more of the same.

As the crowd was set to depart, somehow an outdoor lamp was damaged, but that was all that was done which would need repair.

The hoards of young people and professional agitators and street fighters operating thus in the United States is beginning to reach fever pitch as the long, hot summer progresses. Why all of this is happening is being blamed on the police shooting, and unfortunately killing, any number of perpetrators all over the nation who happen to be black. Not much concern is shown for black police officers injured or killed in this mess, but for whatever reason, Black Lives really matter when they are killed threatening cops.

This is the world we live in.

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