Pfizer’s Own Records Show More Than 1,000 Deaths From Jab

The rush to get COVID “vaccines” to market in record-breaking time was always suspicious. The program was rolled out nationwide before the clinical trials were completed.

Then, when adverse reactions started happening and were reported anecdotally, but not nationally or even locally, things got suspicious.

Pfizer, one of the companies making the shots, asked to have seventy-five years before revealing all of their test data – an unprecedented move.

In the last week, calls for scrapping the Nuremberg Code – the international agreement put together in the wake of Nazi experimentation on humans during World War II – explicitly say that informed consent MUST be part of any and all medical procedures and therapeutics.

The inserts for the shots produced by all makers are infamous for being blank, and containing no ingredient or adverse effects information.

In general, when a new product comes out, and injuries are reported, it takes less than fifty to get the product or drug pulled from pharmacy shelves. In the case of Pfizer’s shots, their own records indicate that the early months should have been more than enough to get the shots taken out of circulation.

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency group has revealed that Pfizer was aware of 1,223 possible vaccine-related deaths within the first 90 days of their COVID vaccine rollout.

…Table 1. in Pfizer’s documents accounts for 42,086 reactions to their COVID-19 vaccine over a 90-day period from December 1st. 2020 – February 28th, 2021. 25,379 reactions were ‘medically confirmed’ while 16,707 were ‘not-medically confirmed.’ Pfizer also redacted the total number of vaccine doses that had been administered up to this point.

Note first that the records were produced thanks to a FOIA request, and second that the deaths due to the shots have not been confirmed.

Why? And why is the Center for Disease Control allowing this to go on with all the self-reporting of adverse reactions to the shots? There has to be a reason. If we follow the money, it’s bound to surface.

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