Philadelphia Cop's Son Followed And Executed

Philadelphia Cop’s Son Followed And Executed

Move over Chicago. There’s a challenger to the title of city with the most homicides, and it is proving NOT to be the city of brotherly love.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, not known for niceness in any sense (especially not the fans at Phillies games) is vying to take over the title of America’s most deadly city with over five hundred homicides in 2021. And the criminals there are starting the new year off with a bang by stalking the son of a city police officer and killing him.

CBS Philadelphia reports 23-year-old Hyram Hill left his workplace, “where he was a bouncer,” and was followed by two people who allegedly shot him to death at a corner store a short time later.

Hill, the son of an officer in the city’s 12th District, was shot nine times.

FOX 29 notes that Hill was shot “in his chest, arm, abdomen, and back.”

6 ABC indicates that one of the gunmen allegedly went “through the Hill’s pockets after he was shot.”

Hill was taken to Temple University Hospital and pronounced dead.

Breitbart News reported that Mayor Jim Kenney’s (D) Philadelphia set an annual record with 562 homicides in 2021.

And lookee there. The place has a Democrat for a mayor.

Philadelphia Police sources say they’re no longer considering the motive in this deadly attack to be a robbery…

Police sources wouldn’t get into a possible motive for the deadly shooting.

It happened right in front of a bus stop. Numerous cameras are in the area, providing investigators information on the movements of all involved.

At least the police have something to go on in this case.

The epidemic of record homicides in the cities of the U.S. is not going to stop until the people themselves are ready to exercise their rights and shoot back. It may well be the only way to recapture civilization in this nation.

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