Police Officer Responds To Noise Complaint And Ends Up In Fight

This video has been around a little while but given the beating law enforcement officers are taking recently I thought this needed more attention… It’s exactly the sort of video the liberals can’t stand… It portrays law enforcement in a positive way and to them, that’s just not something popular with them… Unfortunately.

The police officer in this video’s name is Winston Bowen and the people in the Hillcrest Apartments neighborhood he patrols in the city of Mesquite, Texas call him “Blade” after the character played by Wesley Snipes in the 1998 movie Blade.

Officer Bowen responded to the neighborhood after the dispatcher received a noise complaint. When Officer Bowen arrived he found a family barbecue gathering with the music playing and people enjoying themselves… They turned the music down when asked but then challenged him to put some boxing gloves on to fight a much larger teenager.

I’m pretty sure everyone thought baby Huey was going to dominate the friendly match, but the 14-year veteran of the police department started boxing at 13 and clearly got skills they were not expecting. I don’t think any of these kids will be asking Officer Bowen to take off his badge and gun and to step out back with them to settle things any time soon. LOL

The fists were flying but it was all in good fun… No one had any attitude and there was never any anger at all… Just a whole lot of fun and Officer Bowen left that day with a whole lot of new respect in the neighborhood… Everyone hugged when it was over and they all had some good laughs.

Officer Bowen sets a perfect example of what community policing is about in this video… He has had to make arrest in the area, but the citizens in the community know that he has a job to do and Officer Bowen has established mutual respect with those in the neighborhood…

Police officers are not bad people… They are not going to work wanting to hurt people… They want to keep the people in the community safe and sometimes that involves confronting people at their worst moments and sometimes it involves creating great moments…

I hear a lot about the “talk” minorities have to give to their children… I have a black son but my talk must have been different than others… My talk was not about hating the cops or fearing the cops… My talk was about treating them with the same respect he would want to receive and that if he were ever to get arrested to follow their instructions and cooperate… Young black me don’t end up beaten or dead because the police hate them or because the police are racist… They end up beaten or dead because they make bad choices and start fighting the police or think they can pull a gun on a police officer and not get shot…

If you are being arrested for no reason, did nothing wrong, and the police officer is violating your rights… Which is pretty much what everyone says… Then don’t force the police officer into the role of judge, jury, and executioner… Go quietly with them to the jail, get booked and bailed out and then take your fight into the courtroom where people actually win fights with the police fairly frequently…

The cop in this video epitomizes the way a police officer should conduct himself and he deserves a lot of praise for taking such an interest in the youth in his community…

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