Portland Mayor Flees Home

Portland Mayor Flees Home Fearing His Own Mob

It’s very difficult not to enjoy Democrat stupidity come back and bite them where the sun doesn’t shine, but for the Mayor of Portland, Oregon, Ted Wheeler, an exception must be made.

Days after refusing help from federal law enforcement offered by President Donald Trump, the mob went after Wheeler – the man who protected them from law enforcement – and vandalized his condo building, and tried to set it on fire.

Since the location of his $840,000 residence does not solely belong to him, Wheeler issued a statement to his condo association announcing that he was moving out.

“I want to express my sincere apologies for the damage to our home and the fear that you are experiencing due to my position,” Wheeler reportedly wrote, according to a screenshot of the email.

“It’s unfair to all of you who have no role in politics or in my administration.”

While this is true, the letter itself stops short of claiming Wheeler will be selling the condo…just that he is moving out of it.

At the same time, while refusing help from federal law enforcement, Wheeler still condemns the violence.

Wheeler also attacked the acts of “senseless violence” that “range from stupid, too dangerous, to criminal” — while highlighting alleged police brutality and saying he still stands with protesters. He went on to make the following comments:

“Elected leaders – or those seeking office – who remain silent in the midst of these acts of violence and criminal destruction are equally complicit.”

“The community must rise up and say ‘enough is enough’ and hold all of us accountable. We cannot truly move on together and make the positive changes we want to see until this violence is stopped. All violence.”

“We cannot allow our anger to destroy what we are trying to support.”

“I stand by our positive movement for police reform and I stand by the hundreds of thousands of Portlanders who want to peacefully protest and ask for more reform.” 

“If you are participating in violence, I want to be clear: I denounce your actions. … Your actions demonstrate a level of hate and destruction that we WILL NOT condone or tolerate.”

Well, mister mayor, it might well be time to take up the president on his offer to stop the madness if you really feel that way.

The Mayor owes more than just his neighbors an apology… He owes the entire city an apology… They have lost their businesses, jobs, and in some cases their homes while he has enjoyed the view from his ivory tower…

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Portland Mayor Flees Home

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