Portsmouth, VA Police Show No Favors Indicting Democrat Senator And School Board Member

For a while here in the United States, destroying monuments that reminded us of our history – just about any aspect of it – was all the rage…or so the mainstream media would like us all to believe.

The reality is that the people of the nation were not so enamored of the efforts, and police in some locales even less so. In Portsmouth, Virginia, felony charges have been filed against a number of individuals including a state senator.

Police Chief Angela Green made the announcement:

“several individuals conspired and organized to destroy a Confederate monument, as well as summon hundreds of people to join in the felonious acts, which not only resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the monument, and ultimately, the life-threatening injury to Mr. Green”…

“Therefore on today’s date, felony warrants, for conspiracy to commit a felony and felony injury to a monument in excess of $1000 have been obtained for the following individuals: Senator L. Louise Lucas, NAACP Representative James Boyd, NAACP Representative Louie Gibbs, NAACP Representative, Lakeesha Hicks, School Board member, Lakisha Atkinson…,” and she went on.

The individuals were requested to turn themselves into the Portsmouth police department.

We will see just how cooperative the people in question are. After all, they took it upon themselves to try to rewrite history by attempting to erase it in the form of removing monuments and defacing property. That is not exactly the American way, and law enforcement leaders like Chief Green take their responsibilities to safeguard life and property seriously.

The reality is that the American people are not all that tolerant of the attempts to erase the truthful past, as disturbing as it may be. Not learning about the reality that was, does eventually lead to the repeat of mistakes made long ago.

We really don’t want that in this nation.

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