President George W Bush Offers Solution For Illegal Aliens

President George W Bush Offers Solution For Illegal Aliens

Some tunes never change, and some are worth considering on the merits of the suggestion. In the case of President George W. Bush advocating for a path to citizenship for illegal aliens who were brought to the United States by their parents – under no fault of their own – his message is compelling.

“Americans who favor a path to citizenship for those brought here as children, known as ‘dreamers,’ are not advocating open borders,” Bush wrote in a Washington Post op-ed…

Bush argued DACA recipients were “fundamentally American” and did not know any other home than the United States.

“They ought not be punished for choices made by their parents,” he wrote…

He said that amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants in the United States would “fundamentally unfair” but still supported amnesty for illegals who “earned” citizenship.

He proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants in the United States who had proof of work history, paid a fine and back taxes, the ability to speak English, possessed knowledge of American history and passed a criminal background check.

“The United States is better off when talented people bring their ideas and aspirations here,” he wrote.

The former president also called for increasing legal immigration, calling it “a choice that both parties should be able to get behind” and proposed also increasing temporary immigrant visas for seasonal work.

While the situation of the Dreamers, anyway, is sympathetic, increasing immigration at the expense of American citizens is a non-starter with many of us who were born here. Frequently, immigrants will work for a fraction of the salary requested by Americans. That has always been the reason business has pushed for immigration.

And while it is a good thing to have a healthy influx of worthy immigrants, too much of a good thing is not. It can be detrimental in many ways.

So, President Bush, Americans can be compassionate about this issue, but really, in the end, any moves made need to be measured against how they will impact Americans first.

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