President Trump Attacks Major Corporation For Anti-Police, Anti-American Stance

On Wednesday, Goodyear tires, a stalwart American company for well over a century, got a taste of what happens when banning political speech from the halls of the company and the factory floor.

It seems that some human resources person at Goodyear in Topeka, Kansas, presented a diversity training video which essentially sought to ban all political speech related attire – meaning official campaign gear and slogans – but put no such kibosh on messaging regarding Black Lives Matter and other social justice warrior type kool-aid.

Word leaked out this was happening, and in no time at all, President Donald J. Trump, who’s signature “Make America Great Again” campaign wear was essentially banned, as well as pro-law enforcement messaging, took to his favorite bypass the mainstream media mouthpiece, Twitter, and called for a boycott on Goodyear.

In no time at all, Goodyear’s stock price dropped four percent prompting a “correction” from the company.
Is it enough to walk back the damage that the news of the day brought a company that has maintained a good reputation for a quality product for quite a number of decades?
We’ll find out.

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