President Trump Says His Center For Disease Control Is Wrong! Liberals Come Unhinged

It’s almost as if the nation’s children are in the middle of a custody battle. They are caught in the crosshairs of an argument between adults who are squared off and squabbling about their welfare.

In this corner, are the “medical experts” and various other busy-bodies who have been working overtime to scare the living daylights out of Americans over a virus that has a plummeting death rate even while being very wrong in their predictions of how deadly the ongoing “pandemic” is. Their argument is that sending children – the age group of people who have the lightest caseload of the dreaded bug – back to school without restrictions would be (get the gaslighting word choice) “unsafe.”

In the other corner is President Donald Trump, father of five, grandfather of ten, who wants the nation’s children back in school without delay and without all the ridiculous guidelines that the Center for Disease Control wants to be put in place which will cost taxpayers a small fortune and make learning incredibly uncomfortable.

It’s a classic us vs. them set up, and the mainstream media has decided to take the side of the CDC, just days after the Trump administration withdrew from the World Health Organization due to it being a failing entity. The gasps are all about the audacity of Trump and his team ignoring “experts” who have been observed time and again by keyboard warriors on social media changing their stances and seeing their predictions just not come true.

Seriously, if this is the Center for Disease Control’s track record, why would President Trump pay any attention to what the entrenched bureaucrats who happen to have an M.D. or Ph.D. behind their names?

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The reality is, if the kids don’t go back to school, many parents will be stuck between a rock and a hard place regarding child care, the kids are going to get behind on more than academics, and the waste of taxpayer dollars in funding schools not being in session will be a tangible loss for all but the teachers’ unions.

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