President Trump Scores HUGE Endorsement

President Trump has scored a huge endorsement from an association that backed the Obama/Biden Administration in both 2008 and 2012.

After backing the Obama/Biden Administration in 2008 and 2012 the National Association of Police Organizations withheld endorsing anyone during the 2016 presidential campaign but in an unexpected move, they enthusiastically threw their support behind President Trump.

The National Association of Police Organizations represents some 1,000 police associations and 241,000 American police officers. A two-thirds vote of the membership is required for a candidate to get the organization’s enforcement and the overwhelming majority approved the organization’s endorsement of President Trump.

The events that have been taking place since George Floyd was killed have launched an anti-police movement across the nation with Democrats advocating for police departments across the nation to be defunded. The movement has left police officers across the country without the support of their leadership and crime has exploded with shootings and killings in the larger cities around the nation like New York City and Chicago increasing by 200% or more.

Joe Biden who has become a puppet of the radical left has vowed to cut funding and strip police departments of valuable emergency equipment provided by the federal government like armored vehicles that have enabled police departments all across America to rescue civilians and police officers in life-threatening situations on numerous occasions.

President Trump has assumed a pro-law enforcement stance from his first day in the office and quickly earned the support and respect of police officers everywhere. The National Association of Police Organizations clearly understands the importance of presidential support at this critical time in our history when the Democrats are undoing decades of police work that is going to leave the most vulnerable American citizens at the mercy of the worst criminals everywhere.

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