President Trump’s Return To Mar-a-Lago {{VIDEO}}

January 20, 2021, marks the end of the wildest four-year presidential term I have ever experienced in my almost 60 years, and as far as I can tell from the history I’m familiar with, we have to go back over 100 years to find anything even similar to what we have experienced the past four years… Even then I’m pretty sure President Trump has been a one-of-a-kind… LOL

Contrary to what the Democrats have been saying and fantasizing about for the past couple of years, President Trump didn’t have to be forcefully removed from the White House by SEAL Team 6… He may have been the first president to skip the inauguration since President Grant, but he left in a peaceful dignified manner wishing the new administration well and leaving the traditional letter for President Biden that Biden described as a very nice letter. He was even cordial with the press… His supporters would have no doubt loved to see him give them one last FAKE NEWS shout out… LOL

President Trump accomplished a lot more in his four years as President than the liberals will ever give him credit for… The liberal media is constantly talking about how he ignored the pandemic and did nothing to manage it and love to blame him for the 400k plus deaths, a number that is most likely way overinflated. What they don’t talk about is the fact that he managed to get a vaccine in less than one year distributed to all 50 states… When he announced Operation Warp Speed suggesting we would have a vaccine in less than a year the liberal mocked him and laughed at him informing all of us fools that might be inclined to believe him that a vaccine had never been developed in less than five years and ten years was the typical amount of time it took to get a vaccine developed… I know there are a lot of people with different views on vaccines, but assuming the 95% efficacy is accurate and all the American people who want can be vaccinated over the next six months imagine the lives he saved… No one can be blamed for a virus killing people… Except maybe the Chinese, but trying to stop a virus from spreading is just a ridiculous expectation… Just look at the states like California or New York… They have had their people imprisoned since March and are having a hell of a time. How many would have been killed by the virus if we had to wait even five years for the Democrats to get a virus distributed?

While I am one who wants to hope President Biden will succeed in moving our country forward, he already destroyed thousands of jobs on his first day by canceling the pipeline and halting the fence construction along the southern border and has begun the rise in gas prices that we will probably see hit the $4 a gallon mark again. If he is successful in raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour he will destroy thousands of more jobs… Grab ahold of something and hang on!

President Trump departed from Andrews Air Base on Air Force One a little before 0900 and arrived in Palm Beach around 1100. There was a large crowd of American patriots grateful for his service to the nation lined up along Southern Boulevard outside of Mar-a-Lago waiting to welcome him home. About 20 minutes before the Presidential motorcade passed by the crowd Air Force One flew over the crowd on its way into Palm Beach International Airport.

Photo Credit: Debbie Murphy

As you will see in the videos hundreds of people enthusiastically greeted the President and his family as the Presidential motorcade passed by… As the President always does he had his driver move slowly past the crown as he and Melania waved back at his supporters who were yelling “we love you!” and “Thank You!” The press pool that followed in vans behind the motorcade did not get the same sort of welcome the President and his family did. LOL

I don’t think anyone knows what Donald J. Trump will do in 2024, but I’m pretty confident should he decide to run for President of the United States again he will find much more support waiting for him than the politicians in Washington, D.C anticipate… I also think the spineless Republican politicians in Washington, D.C who were so quick to put the responsibility on him for what happened at the Capitol building on January 6th turning their backs on him will find they do NOT have much support the next time they are on a ballot.

Thank you President Trump for the sacrifice you and your entire family made to serve the American people and for putting this great nation FIRST!

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