Progress Being Made On Southern Border Despite What MSM Is Telling You

A trio of interesting stories from the southern border, in addition to the footage of the wall being built despite Democrat claims to the contrary, tell us that no matter what roadblocks the opposition is trying to install, illegal immigration is slowing, and asylum seekers from as far away as Africa are frustrated that the American dream is not as easy as just crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico.

First, Mexican officials have been busy conducting raids within the country looking to round up migrants and send them home. Not only do the Mexican people not want the migrants within their borders, but their president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, among other local officials, recognizes that sending these people back to their countries of origin, and for them to help make their homes a better place serves everyone in the end.

“The truth is that it is a problem for everyone. It’s better that they are sent back to their countries,” Jorge Parada Leon, a Mexico City resident, told AP. “Crossing Mexico the way they do is dangerous, a lot of them have died … they should fix the problems they have in their home countries.”

This, unfortunately, is not good news for the asylum seekers from Congo, Cameroon, and Angola who have crossed the Atlantic and traveled north from South America to the border. There they stay until space opens up in the quota system which, according to them is too stingy. “We are not happy with the U.S. system, especially for the fact that you see that the number is not moving. Very few people are taken,” Luis, a migrant from Cameroon, said to the Los Angeles Times. “If you see people jumping over the river, it is because they are tired of staying here.”

Oh, well.

And then there is the very good news that the number of people apprehended at the border is down by a significant percentage. In June, 94,487 illegal crossers were caught from California to Texas. That number is down from 132,000 in May.

So, progress is being made slowly but surely.