Proof Surfaces Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

Proof Surfaces Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

A private citizen group decided to get to the bottom of the rumors about Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota marrying her brother to get around U.S. immigration laws. Spending their own money to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and hiring private detectives in a number of countries, this group finally got an answer to the question.

Gathering DNA from a cigarette Omar smoked, and a straw through which her brother/ex-husband drank, the private group proved that there was a 99.99% chance Omar and Ahmed Elmi were siblings.

For his trouble, the leader of the group, Anton Lazarro, was arrested for underage sex trafficking before the information could be made public. But, public it was made in recent days, and no one in the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Twin Cities or elsewhere is all that interested in taking this case any farther.

Special Agent Joy Hess, from the FBI’s Twin Cities field office, which investigated allegations that Omar married her brother Elmi to get around US immigration laws, says the “statute of limitations” had run out on the case. In a recorded conversation with an associate of Lazarro, posted on his website Wednesday, Hess also said the FBI could not pursue the case because Omar’s ex-husband Elmi had moved overseas.

“The statute of limitations is over,” she said. “According to the US Attorney’s office, The Statute of Limitations is not something we can overcome in that matter … The individual in question left the country so there’s nothing to [do].”

Asked if the new DNA evidence would be considered, she said: “All I can just say is that according to the United States Attorney’s Office the Statute of Limitations limits what we can do in this matter.”

There is no statute of limitations for immigration fraud, apparently, but that doesn’t seem to matter. The FBI is on the record now saying they will not pursue the case.

Why do we have an FBI if they aren’t going to do their jobs?

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