Protesters Have A Plan For The Emancipation Monument

The two most important things for a successful and civil society are families and teachers and America has clearly abandoned both and the result of that can be seen on the streets of America everywhere as we watch a bunch of uneducated animals destroying our nation’s historical monuments.

The latest monument to catch the attention of the Black Lives Matter group is the Emancipation Statue in Lincoln Park located in Washington, D.C… First let me say that while everyone is identifying this group as Black Lives Matter, the crowd screaming tear it down appears to be mostly bratty white kids from the burbs… Not Black men and women… There are some, but I feel it should be noted that the group seems to be getting whiter and whiter…

While the video I have here features a young black man who failed history class–and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he also failed lunch–make no mistake about it… Ignorance of every color is running rampant on the streets these days, especially among these anarchist destroying our country.

How stupid is this guy? Well, someone apparently told him the only people that could give him his freedom was the government… He don’t believe that though… He’s the only one that can give himself his freedom…

How stupid is this guy? Well, according to him Lincoln did not want to free the slaves, he only freed the slaves to advance his political career… After letting us know Lincoln didn’t want to free the slaves, he tells us “we freed ourselves.”

Who knew all this? I wonder why we fought a civil war? Wait… I know… I bet you ask this guy and we would find out there was no civil war, it was just a dispute over states rights… Maybe some people didn’t want them slaves freeing themselves… Who else would love a more intense history lesson from this guy? LOL

Anyway, we don’t hear too much from him in the video below, but what we do hear is so profound it changes history. It’s a must watch for anyone that believes a war was fought to free the slaves that cost the country more than 600,000 lives… And I got to tell you, I had no idea Lincoln had such a long political career he was concerned with… I’d love to ask this guy if he knows anything about the assassination of the 16th… Hell, I’d love to ask him if he knows who the 16th President was… I bet I’d learn something new from him… LOL

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