Protesters now threatening officers’ families in a shocking new way

Many of the largest news organizations continually claim that protests throughout this year have been peaceful. With burning buildings in the background, we are told what we are witnessing is a “fiery but mostly peaceful protest.” It’s one thing for police officers to have to fear for their physical safety – something they often encounter as a part of their job. But now, instead of officers dealing with having objects hurled towards them, some protesters have taken things to an even darker level.

In Rochester, New York, in the wake of protests following the death of Daniel Prude, protesters have been threatening officers in a more personal way. Taking names from the officers’ badges, protesters are finding personal information online and using it to imply threats. While standing in front of the officers, they scream out their addresses, the names of their children, the schools they attend, and even threatening to go to their homes. Some have gone so far as to call up the parents of the officers and taunt them.

In addition, this personal information about the officers and their families is also being shared on social media. Those in authority, such as Chief La’Ron Singletary, have given officers permission to cover their name badges, in cases where they are sewn in, or remove them entirely

In the wake of these problems, as well as being accused of a cover-up, the Chief of Police and his command staff are stepping down, either through retirement or by resigning their posts

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Protesters now threatening officers

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