Protesters Target Graceland

The king’s castle got rocked this week. Well, the wall was spray painted, but not with messages from fans as is the custom for those who make the pilgrimage to the late Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

No, the mob, now reported by many first-hand witnesses and victims to be professional-level street fighters complete with a command system, attacked the wall at Graceland with cans of spray paint and left their signature slogans all over the bricks and sidewalk.

Abolish ICE

F— the Police

B(urn) L(oot) M(ayhem)

Eat the rich

Defund the police

These were among the various phrases the vandals left behind.

At last report, the people at Graceland had “no comment” regarding the situation, but have started cleaning the paint off of the property, most likely taking previously left messages from fans with the new coat that covered them.

Graceland is just the latest property, public or private to be targeted by the mobs currently roaming and terrorizing American cities. This particular vandalism is fixable and is not permanent in any way. But a good portion of the rest of the damage is permanent, including businesses burned to the ground, supporters of President Donald Trump targeted and, sometimes, murdered execution-style, and even the mayor of Portland, Oregon, was forced to move from his condo when the mob tried to destroy the entire building.

Frankly, reports on the ground are that the rioters are very organized indicating that the mainstream media narrative that these are spontaneous and peaceful protests is nothing but hogwash. Almost across the board, those who have been arrested and charged are not locals but are people who are in the area from out of town. In an interview with Laura Ingraham of Fox News, President Trump claims to know who is financing them.

Will the rest of America find out who those people are?

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