Protesters Target Justice Kavanaugh Over Texas Abortion Ban

Protesters Target Justice Kavanaugh Over Texas Abortion Ban

The matter of the legality surrounding a woman and her “right” to kill an unborn child has not lost any passion in the forty-eight years since the Supreme Court of the United States made up that “right” out of thin air, that’s for sure.

Since the Supreme Court refused to block a ban on the procedure in the state of Texas after six weeks gestation, the conservatives on the court other than Chief Justice John Roberts, who not only dissented but wrote the dissent, have been abused by the left.

Now, they are headed to the house of Justice Brett Kavanaugh who considers abortion to be a practice more than a right.

The group, called Shut Down DC, is demanding that Kavanaugh resigns for siding with the majority in the court’s 5-4 decision not to block the Texas bill, which went into effect on September 1.

The activists plan on meeting Monday evening at Chevy Chase Local Park before going to the justice’s house for an “abortion right’s rally and speak out at Kavanaugh’s house.”

“Brett Kavanaugh: You’re going to hear from us directly. Last week we came to the Supreme Court. But you weren’t there; the justices continue to work remotely. So we’re coming to your house” to “tell you to keep your oppressive ideology out of our bodies” and “demand you RESIGN immediately,” a Facebook post announcing the event reads

The post also declared that Kavanaugh would no longer be “protected from any backlash” and that they had feared what his presence on the court would mean for abortion across America.

The public can’t gather en masse to protest “vaccine” mandates, or the holding of political prisoners after the January 6 event at the Capitol Building without fear of being infiltrated and blamed for any ensuing violence and mayhem again, but the people who think it’s just fine to murder babies in the womb are going to march on Kavanaugh’s house.

Only in America.

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