Putin Calls Biden's Bluff

It is no great secret that Joe Biden, the man we are told is the current occupier of the Oval Office, is visibly diminished in mental capacity. That doesn’t mean that Crazy Uncle Joe the gaffe machine isn’t still with us. It seems that recently he called Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin a killer.

That being the case, Putin returned fire and has challenged Biden to a demonstration of the two of them matching wits live on television.

“I’ve just thought of this now,” Putin told a Russian state television reporter. “I want to propose to President Biden to continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it basically live, as it’s called. Without any delays and directly in an open, direct discussion. It seems to me that would be interesting for the people of Russia and for the people of the United States.”

Putin may not realize this, but many Americans would really like to see such an exchange if for no other reason than to prove that Joe Biden needs to be put out to pasture and placed somewhere where he can’t hurt himself, and where the gaffes will be taken for what they really are: the ramblings of an old man who is not aging gracefully.

After issuing his invitation, Putin said he didn’t want to delay, proposing he and Biden hold the discussion as early as Friday.

“I don’t want to put this off for long. I want to go to the taiga this weekend to relax a little,” Putin said. “So we could do it tomorrow or Monday. We are ready at any time convenient for the American side.”

It’s not like Joe Biden is one to spend his weekends on the golf course, or preparing for much of anything other than his nap, so the sooner the better.

It will never happen, but we all have hope.

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