Race Lands Woke Ex-Convict Multi Million Dollar Energy Contract

Race Lands Woke Ex-Convict Multi Million Dollar Energy Contract

“Everything woke turns to $#!+,” is the quote from President Donald Trump, and in Portland, Oregon, that concept joins doing due diligence is a must to describe a recent award to a newly formed company for energy needs.

In a most embarrassing move for the city’s government, the city council overruled the staff at city hall in order to award a contract to a company owned by a woman of color, and it turns out she is a convicted felon with a history of fraud.

The city of Portland, Oregon, awarded an $11.5 million energy contract to a woke company run by a woman who has served prison time for defrauding companies and tax fraud, according to a report…

But the city council instead unanimously voted to award it to Diversifying Energy, a newly formed nonprofit with black leadership promising “equitable access to clean, sustainable energy” for “low-income communities and people of color.”

Diversifying Energy is run by Linda Woodley, 71, who has a troubling 25-year history including two stretches behind bars, multiple bankruptcies, and millions of dollars in fines for tax offenses, the local paper noted.

She reportedly also fabricated key claims in her proposal, saying she’d “managed” a $30 million energy upgrade program in California — one that has never heard of her, the paper noted.

Oops. The city council did not do their homework. They really were not aware that this woman had a rap sheet.

“This is obviously shocking and distressing and sad news for us and the program,” Eden Dabbs, a spokeswoman with the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, which oversees the fund, told The Oregonian.

“We are going to have to take responsibility for the decision. We’ll absolutely be looking at this in terms of process and use it as a painful lesson not to let this ever happen again,” Dabbs said.

Something along the lines of doing an internet search to see if candidates have a record would be a good idea.

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