Stone Mountain

Radical Heavily Armed Militias Divided By Race Meet Head On At Stone Mountain

On July 4th about 100 members of the all-black militia known as the NFAC or the “Not F**king Around Coalition” armed and ready for combat (or so they thought) marched on Stone Mountain in Georgia and called out members of the Ku Klux Klan looking for a fight.

Fortunately, there was no one at Stone mountain that day but the NFAC so on that particular day everyone lived happily ever after but it did bring the NFAC to the forefront of the national stage.

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On August 15th however, there was another militia that organized and marched on Stone Mountain… The Three percenters who the mainstream media describes as a far-right white supremacist group came face to face with members of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter members.

Stone Mountain

Authorities had a pretty good idea trouble was brewing when the Three Percenters militia applied for a permit to hold a rally they estimated would involve some 2,000 people. Their application described the intended purpose was to “defend and protect our history and Second Amendment rights.”

The permit was denied by state authorities fearing there would be a replay of a similar event in 2016 that became violent.

Of course, no one gives a damn about the law these days… People just do what they want to do and as long as they do it in numbers, they seem to get away with pretty much anything, so the event gained steam on social media as a “Defending Stone Mountain” march.

Sure enough on Saturday, August 15th hundreds of fools looking for trouble gathered in downtown Stone Mountain just outside of the park armed and ready for battle… Hundreds of people with Rambo sticks dangling from their newly purchased GI Joe uniforms… I haven’t seen a scuffed up weapon or well-worn piece of gear in a single picture but they are ready to fight…


In attendance was a smorgasbord of today’s radical Left and Right organizations… The Three Percenters, ANTIFA, and Black Lives matter were all well represented… What’s surprising is there was no sighting of Klan members… At least not wearing their uniform…

The Stone Mountain park authorities had locked the gates to prevent access to the park, so that kept the party in the predominantly black downtown area of Stone Mountain.

Things started out heated between the various groups with people carrying American flags, people burning American flags, people carrying Confederate battle flags, people burning Confederate battle flags… Protesters and counter-protesters engaged in the unusual hollering and screaming of obscenities at one another led to the throwing of rocks and eventually punches and kicks…

Things eventually got out of hand and the police in riot gear finally moved in to get control and run everyone off… The National Guard had been activated and deployed to the area in case things got too out of hand.

Fortunately, the one group that was not present was the NFAC… The leader of that militia that calls himself “Grandmaster Jay” has been playing with fire… The militia has been growing and he has been making a lot of threats indicating that his militia will not hesitate to become violent. Even if he is full of BS, the group has demonstrated just how dangerous they can be a couple of weeks ago when they turned up in Louisville, Kentucky and one of them negligently discharged a shotgun wounding three of their members. They were lucky it didn’t start a firefight.

I would like to think that WE the American people will open our damn eyes and realize there are people actively stoking the flames of all this racial division in America with their own personal agendas that do not have the best interests of the American people in mind… We are being used as tools…

Unfortunately, things will no doubt grow into an even greater problem before it’s all said and done with… That’s unfortunate…

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