Radio Host Wants Gun

Radio Host Wants Gun Following Horrifying Event After Mocking President Trump.

It’s amazing what happens when the people in denial are visited by the very thing they refuse to see. 

In Seattle, a couple of weeks back, a radio personality employed by ESPN pretty much dismissed President Donald Trump’s rebuke of the response of local authorities who happen to be Democrats. Paul Gallant responded to a Tweet thusly:

And then…the “protests” hit a little too close to home. Radio Host Wants Gun

Now, Gallant is wondering if he should get a gun for his own protection.

Enough is enough? What happened to “Chill, Dawg”? Did the riots hit too close to home? Just imagine what the people who have been in the thick of it for a lot longer have to say on the matter.

Oh, but wait, there’s more from Mr. Gallant who is letting his green sideshow:

“I’m relatively new too,” he tweeted. “Seemed harmless. Over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of changes on that front that have swayed my perception.”

“I’m supposed to stick to sports, and I hate divisive twitter. The only reason I shared was it because it happened to me,” Gallant added. “If that’s hypocritical, so be it. But opinions should be able to adapt and evolve.”

Oh, this one’s opinions are evolving all right. It wasn’t until the protests and riots came to him that he came to understand that the second amendment doesn’t exist strictly for hunting purposes, but is really about self-defense and protecting the populace from the tyranny a government can bring to bear.

Well, that’s a foot in the door anyway, for this snowflake. Maybe in time, he’ll see the light in other matters.

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Radio Host Wants Gun

Radio Host Wants Gun

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