Rep. Steve Scalise Gives Nation A Civics Lesson From The House Floor

On the day that the 2020 Presidential Election was supposed to be certified by Congress, and following a Stop the Steal sort of rally in Washington, D.C., a number of lawmakers rose to object to the certification of electors from a handful of states.

Legislatures in those states themselves asked for the chance to reconvene and be sure that the results were accurate, a request brushed aside by Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, not to mention House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. However, lawmakers did formally object to the results in Arizona, at the very least, being certified which resulted in the joint session of Congress being suspended.

While this did occur after the president outlined the known fraud in the various states in the November election, the most remarkable speech of the afternoon was given by House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, a man who barely survived an attack on Republicans during practice for the annual Congressional baseball game almost four years ago.

Rep. Scalise essentially gave the country yet more reason to request a do-over of the November 2020 presidential election. It seems that all the rules the various state executives imposed on the residents of their states in regards to this election were, well, illegal.

Essentially, Scalise’s message is that the Democrats do not want to fix election integrity. (There is room to argue that many Republicans don’t either, but all House Republicans DID vote to change the laws from the top on the topic.)

For anyone who has watched as American elections have turned into an international joke considering a photo identification card is required for almost every other aspect of American life OTHER than voting, this is no great surprise. In fact, most patriotic Americans recognize that without the cheating and fraud many of the current group of “lawmakers” would never have been elected.

Will Scalise’s words be heeded. Only time will tell.

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