Report Confirms Transgender Athletes Have Unfair Advantage

Report Confirms Transgender Athletes Have Unfair Advantage

In one sense, it is a victory for women everywhere.

In another, it is a sad commentary on the time period where gender and sex confusion is on the rise.

It is a long-awaited report from researchers in the United Kingdom that analyzes the strength advantage men who have “transitioned” to being women have over actual, real biological women in athletic endeavors.

The report, released by the United Kingdom’s Sports Councils Equality Group, which includes representatives from sporting organizations across the U.K., took 18 months to compile information through hundreds of interviews with dozens of people and organizations. The group found that “Transgender athletes have an unfair advantage in female sports” and that that advantage remains even when “testosterone levels have been reduced,” according to the Daily Mail.

So, it doesn’t matter how many hormone blockers and estrogen grown men take, they are still, for all intents and purposes men.

Well…sort of.

Currently, the International Olympic Committee allows male-to-female transgender individuals to compete in women’s events provided their testosterone remains below a certain threshold — 10 nanomoles per liter — for at least a year before international competition.

Testosterone suppression, though, U.K. Sport found, “does not take away the physical advantages of trans women in female sport,” and as such, it isn’t possible to guarantee safety and competitive fairness in some sports.”

“Current research indicates that testosterone suppression does not negate this physical advantage over females and so cannot guarantee competitive fairness and/or safety,” the report said.

Any woman could tell the Olympic Committee that, not that they would listen.

“The guidelines say adult male athletes have on average a 10-12% performance advantage over female competitors in swimming and running events, and that increases to a 20% advantage in jumping events, and 35% greater performance in strength-based sports such as weightlifting for similar-sized athletes,” the Daily Mail noted.

“[T]here appears to be a retention of physical capacity in transgender people who suppress testosterone from male levels,” U.K. Sport added. “Such physical differences will also impact on safety parameters in sports which are combat, collision or contact in nature.”

In other words, the guys who think they are gals can injure women more readily than other girls can.

All this does is confirm that men are men and women are women, just as designed by God.

It’s nice to know that is cleared up.

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October 5, 2021 11:40 pm

We had to have a “study” done on this? I guess basic 5th grade biology is not enough…