Reprehensible Action Against Maskless Man

Reprehensible Action Against Maskless Man At Polls Results In Lawsuit

In the year 2020, this, frankly, is not just any presidential election. This one really is for all the marbles, and when just one honest and true American is denied his or her right to vote, there better be a darn good reason why.

Refusing to wear a mask inside a polling place, according to officials in the state of Maryland, apparently is one.

Most common sense and thinking Americans would disagree, but we’re not the ones with the reigns of power.

So, when Daniel Swain of Fallston, Maryland, was invited to vote outside at an early voting venue because he refused to wear a mask, he was told to leave.

Swain, a retired correctional officertold the Washington Post he felt “disenfranchised” after his arrest, claiming he was only told to wear a mask once inside the polling place and after presenting his voter registration card showing he’s a Republican.

“I found it odd,” Swain told the newspaper. “I had been there quite some time … in full view of everyone in the room and nobody said anything until that point.”

Odd indeed. And so, the gentleman filed a lawsuit against the local elections board.

Swain’s lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday in Harford County Circuit Court, seeks a temporary restraining order against the Harford County Board of Elections, its acting director, Harford County Sheriff Jeffery Gahler, and the Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company, which hosted the voting center, the Baltimore Sun reported.

“A statewide injunction forbidding any election official or law enforcement from interfering with any voter’s right to vote by forcing them to cover their faces with a covering or mask of some sort must be immediately issued,” according to the lawsuit, which also seeks “Constitutional voting rights” training for election officials and sheriff’s deputies.

This request is at direct odds with Maryland’s governor’s orders which demand mask-wearing in all public places and were not well received by local officials.

“It appears to me the whole intention was to create a legal situation,” Harford County Executive Barry Glassman, a Republican, told the Washington Post. “It’s unfortunate because everybody is just trying to do their jobs and follow the rules that are laid out statewide.”

That may be so, but demanding mask-wearing is questionable on constitutional grounds. Denying a citizen in good standing his right to vote, on the other hand, is a clear violation.

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