Republican Congressman Happy His Family Is Disappointed

After four years of President Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again movement, one thing is for certain among his supporters: you’re either for him and us, or you are against us.

That is how tens of millions of MAGA-loving Americans see the world and Republicans. Members of the GOP are either for Trump, and by extension, the American people, or they are against us.

Recently when the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump in his second impeachment show, a number of Republicans voted in favor of the measure, among them Illinois’s Adam Kinzinger.

As a result of his vote, a public rift opened between Kinzinger and members of his family courtesy of the New York Times. They wrote a letter that was published admonishing him for his vote, and his disloyalty to the president and the American people.

Kinzinger doesn’t care.

“I’m glad the letter came out,” Kinzinger said on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” “because I think that people need to see — if you haven’t experienced that division in your family, this is the best example of it.”…

“So look, I have nothing against them. I mean, maybe someday I’ll have to look back … but I don’t feel it right now. I just have no desire really to reach out and repair it, that’s up to them,” he said.

Family division can be quite destructive in truth, but that is not stopping the Congress critter from using this rift as a springboard for his anti-Trumpism.

“If you think the Donald Trump thing in the long term is going to be the winning coalition and not somebody like me that’s conservative but doesn’t offend people, and doesn’t go out and attack and say that you owe me everything, and doesn’t incite insurrections — then we’ll be a minority party forever,” Kinzinger told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

That the vast majority of the population believes that the Make America Great Again effort is the way to go doesn’t seem to enter into the thinking of machine Republicans is a problem. Yes, Trump offended people, but he got the job done. In the end, that made a difference to the American people.

Playing not to lose is not a winning strategy and we know it.

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