Republican Freshman Claims Gun Control Is Anti-Woman

Republican Freshman Claims Gun Control Is Anti-Woman

She calls her sidearm an “equalizer.” She, Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, is a five-foot-tall, one hundred pound woman, and she open carries a gun as a form of protection from predators who would undoubtedly take advantage of her small stature to do her harm in some places on this earth.

That being the case, Boebert has a unique stance on the idea of gun control, and any law inhibiting the open or concealed carrying of weapons anywhere.

She calls gun control “anti-woman.”

That is an interesting take for a lawmaker to bring to the table of sexual politics, that’s for sure.

Boebert is known in political circles for being the lawmaker who got a permit to carry her sidearm on the floor of the House of Representatives over the objection of Congressional leadership.

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