Republicans Sue Vermont Towns Over Voting Laws

Republicans Sue Vermont Towns Over Voting Laws

In the history of the United States, cheating at the ballot box has somewhat become a known risk in elections. It’s a not very funny joke that in many counties across the country that dead people vote.

Now, in Vermont, very much alive legal residents – NOT citizens yet, just residents – are being allowed to vote in local elections, and the Republican National Committee is not amused.

Montpelier and Winooski changed their charters in May to allow non-citizens who are legal immigrants to vote in municipal elections — an action that was backed up by the state legislature.

“Democrats are trying to dismantle the integrity of our elections,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said, according to Fox News.​

“In addition to attacking widely supported safeguards like voter ID, Democrats also want foreign citizens to vote in American elections. Republicans are fighting back on this far-left assault against election integrity – unlike radical Democrats, we believe that our elections should be decided solely by American citizens. This is a matter of principle and we will fight in all 50 states to ensure this remains the case​,” she said. ​

The state’s House and Senate voted in June to override a veto by Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican.

​”Allowing a highly variable town-by-town approach to municipal voting creates inconsistency in election policy, as well as separate and unequal classes of residents potentially eligible to vote on local issues,” Scott said in a letter to legislators, the report said.

How this could possibly be allowed is a result of a twisted pretzel logic that the Democrats have been employing for decades. Why should residents who are interested in local politics not be allowed to vote, is the question.

Because they are not citizens, that’s why. If the people want to vote in American elections, become a citizen.

Unfortunately, the other side is more than willing to accommodate the non-citizen in participation in elections.

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