Resurfaced Video Is DEVASTATING To Joe Biden’s Campaign, Exposes How Much Of A LIAR He Is

Every time I see or hear Joe Biden I can’t help but be reminded of my younger years when I was like… I dunno maybe 5 or 6 and start thinking, “liar, liar pants on fire.” LOL

There is a lot of talk in conservative circles these days, both jokingly and seriously, and no matter what they say in public I’m sure even the democrats are thinking and privately wondering if Joe Biden knows where the heck he is at from one moment to the next… I mean lets me serious here for a minute, unless he has a teleprompter and notepad in front of him, he can’t get through a sentence on his own without getting lost…

The question everyone should be asking these days though is not if Joe Biden’s cognitive function is intact, but rather how in the heck can his supporters support someone who destroyed two previous attempts at the presidency with lies and deception?… They no doubt suffer from severe cognitive dissonance themselves.

After watching the video clips the Free State Daily has compiled below, you are going to wonder if Joe Biden has ever had an original thought, or idea of his own… He has lied about his education, achievements, family, and on many occasions even plagiarized campaign speeches from past candidates with great historical significance such as British Labor Parties Neil Kent, Robert Kennedy, and others… And as you will see in the video, these were not just, ooops, so I used a line from someone else’s speech… No, these were verbatim…

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The use of the historical campaign speeches in itself would make an entirely different story… Think about it, Joe Biden was using word-for-word campaign speeches from the 1960’s in the 1980’s and they were still relevant… In other words, the Democrats hadn’t accomplished squat! Which brings us to 2020 and Joe Biden who has been representing the Democratic Party as both a Senator and two terms as Vice-President since 1972. Suddenly, after 48 years we are supposed to believe he is going to get anything done, much less change anything? Come on people… Get real, the man is a total loser who couldn’t come up with an idea or thought of his own when he was younger… The only come to Jesus moment Joe Biden is going to have is THE come to jesus moment… It’s time for him to retire!

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July 1, 2020 9:38 pm

bite-me has about as much chance of having an original, rational thought as homobama does.

July 5, 2020 10:50 am

Thanks for resurfacing this damning reminder of Dishonest AND Dumb “Poppa Joe” Biden, a subversive deep state puppet masquerading as a friend of the common man.

We must keep the social networks clogged up with this LIAR’s words right through the election.