Robert De Niro Takes HUGE Bite Of Humble Pie From Trump Administration

Well, well, well… Now, how about this sh^t… It turns out we have another liberal hypocrite with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

The loudmouth, tough guy (in his dreams and movies) and liberal Trump critic has been caught taking advantage of the Payroll Protection Plan, or PPP that President Trump was the mastermind behind that has saved thousands of small businesses that would have surely failed by now if not for the money made available through the relief package.

Billions of dollars were made available through the Small Business Administration to small businesses so that they could keep people on the payroll while shutting down during the pandemic. Only businesses with fewer than 500 employees were eligible and they were required to demonstrate their business was negatively impacted by the Coronavirus shut down. If the money is spent according to certain guidelines the loans will be forgivable.

To be fair De Niro is not the only wealthy hypocrite to try and take advantage of this program, but he is the only one with a mouth and audience that he uses every chance he gets to criticize the President and his administration for being stupid and never doing anything right. He also quite possibly has taken more money than any of them…

For example, Ruth’s Chris, a nationwide chain of steak house’s returned $20 million, then there was the Shake Shake that handed about $10 million back to the government after getting a lot of negative media attention, and even Kanye West, the most recent presidential candidate and owner of Yeezy LLC, a clothing company received somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million and $5 million according to records released by the SBA.

This arrogant hypocrite Robert De Niro, he received roughly $30 million dollars that could have gone to help businesses that actually needed the money.

For those who may not be aware of it, Bobby co-founded a luxury chain of Sushi restaurants and hotels with a celebrity chef named Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. Now, in spite of him being a smart ass critic of the president, I would not have a problem with him taking advantage of this PPP program if he needed it to keep his employees working so they could support their families through this period of hardship created by the pandemic.

The thing I do have an issue with, considering his hate Trump criticism and disdain for his administration, is Mr. De Nero has a net worth of roughly $500 million according to public estimates and Mr. Matsuhisa has a net worth of $200 million… In other words, they don’t need to be taking money from all the little guys that actually need help… You know, the little people they profess to care so much about that President Trump has no compassion for… The people his tax cuts neglected to help but took care of his wealthy friends… And to top it all off, all these liberal clown critics trashed the President insisting that his businesses should not be allowed to participate and apply for any of the PPP money because he can afford to pay his employees and doesn’t need the money, etc., etc., etc.,… You know, all the usual condemnation of the evil orange man who’s destroying the very fabric of our nation…

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The way this arrogant hypocrite pulled this off was by applying for some 14 separate loans that divided his 46 restaurants and 13 luxury hotels up in such a way that they fell within the guidelines.

I won’t ask how he feels about taking $30 million dollars from small business owners that could desperately use the help to keep from losing everything they have and destroying the jobs of those who desperately depend on those small business owners to care for their families… The answer to that is clear… He could care less… Liberals don’t care about the least among us regardless of how much lip service they give them… Just look at all the homeless laid out all over the streets in the cities they control…

What I would like to ask him though is how does it feel knowing that you sought a $30 million dollar handout from a man’s Presidential administration you despise?… How does it feel knowing despite all of your criticism you still turned to him for help? How’s that humble pie taste, Bobby?

Should De Niro Return The PPP Money?
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It will be interesting to see if he follows in the footsteps of the others who took from the needy to feed the greedy and returns the money…

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Eliseo Carrasco
Eliseo Carrasco
July 8, 2020 6:52 pm

It kills me that all these pamper Hollywood elites are so against the man they used to kiss his ass when he was just a billionaire…now he is actually giving back to the country which allowed him to become a wealthy man… DeNiro should be tried for felony embezzlement!!! And those rich ass Hollywood parasites/pedophiles/ illuminati scum bags need to remember who made them rich!!!