Russian Dissident Claims U.S. Is Bowing To Putin On Ukraine

Once again, the eastern European nation of Ukraine is in the news. Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly eyeing some sort of invasion there. Troops are amassing at the border between the two countries.

Some tea leaf readers claim this is a prelude to an attack on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as that extra-government body was founded specifically to keep the Soviet Union/Russia at bay, and Ukraine has been considered for membership.

Whatever is going on over there, Putin is doing a fair amount of saber-rattling and the Biden administration does not seem to be concerned.

A Russian dissident who is currently in prison in that country after recovering from a poisoning attack, on the other hand, is outright accusing the United States of carrying Putin’s water.

Russian dissident Alexei Navalny accused the United States and its Western allies of letting themselves be bullied by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a months-long correspondence with Time magazine amid growing tensions between Washington and Moscow over Ukraine.

During the exchange of handwritten letters between Navalny and reporter Simon Shuster, which began in October and continued through the middle of January, Navalny blasted American diplomatic efforts to prevent Russia from invading its western neighbor.

“Time and again the west falls into Putin’s elementary traps,” Navalny wrote in a letter that arrived on Jan. 14. “It just takes my breath away, watching how Putin pulls this on the American establishment again and again.”

Given that the American establishment has been trying to keep the illegal activities of Hunter Biden and Paul Pelosi, Jr., among others, in Ukraine out of the headlines, the truth of the entire matter probably has not come to light as yet outside of some conspiracy sites, and the occasional social media post from inside Ukraine. This entire matter may well be not what it looks like, and Russian political prisoners may well be putting out disinformation.

At this point, the truth is anyone’s guess.

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