Russian Fighters Armed With Nukes Threaten Sweden

Russian Fighters Armed With Nukes Threaten Sweden

If anyone who follows geopolitical happenings around the globe thinks that the Russians are not serious about keeping a non-NATO ring around themselves, All one has to do is observe the actions of the military.

With an operation going on in Ukraine to neutralize all military assets in that nation, Sweden is making noise about possibly joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and Russia is having none of it. Putin’s people actually sent fighter jets to make a point to the Swedes.

Two Russian planes that violated Swedish airspace earlier this month were equipped with nuclear weapons, it has emerged.

The flyover near the island of Gotland on March 2 was a deliberate act designed to intimidate Sweden, according to Swedish news channel TV4 Nyheterna.

A total of four planes had taken off from the Russian airbase of Kaliningrad.

They consisted of two Sukhoi 24 attack planes, which were escorted by two Sukhoi 27 fighter jets.

It was the two attack planes that were, according to TV4 Nyheter sources, equipped with nuclear weapons.

This did get a response from the newly refurbished Swedish military, but not one that did much more than remind the Russians that they were in violation of airspace constraints.

The country’s air force deployed two JAS 39 Gripen which took pictures of the intruders.

It was then, say Swedish media, that it was confirmed the Russian planes were equipped with nuclear warheads.

“This is a signal to Sweden that we have nuclear weapons and we could also consider using them,” military-strategic expert Stefan Ring told TV4 Nyheter.

“We assess it as a conscious action. Which is very serious, especially as [Russia] is a warring country,” added Air Force Chief Carl-Johan Edström.

“I can not rule out incorrect navigation, but everything indicates that it was a deliberate act. That they violated Sweden’s borders.”

Putin simply does not want Sweden or its neighbor Finland to join NATO, and he’s willing to go to war to stop it, too.

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