School Shooting In North Carolina

School Shooting In North Carolina Leaves One Dead

Since the lockdowns began a year and a half ago, school shootings disappeared from the headlines.

Now that school is largely back in session, they’re back, this time in North Carolina.

A shooting at a North Carolina high school Wednesday has left one student dead.

Authorities received a call just after 12 p.m. from a school resource officer about a student shot at Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem, news station WXII reported.

“One student is injured, all other students are safe,” Winston-Salem Police Department wrote on Twitter. But we now know the student is dead.

Police say the shooter has not been apprehended.

This was not the return to normal most Americans wanted following the year(s) of Covid.

Myrtle Hines, a mother of three, said that her youngest daughter, Shakyra, was in the hallway when gunfire erupted.

“Shakyra said a teacher pulled her into the classroom as she was on her way into the cafeteria,” Hines told The Post.

Hines’ older daughter, Frantazia, 19, had also been on the campus to drop off lunch for Shakyra when she overheard a single gunshot, followed by several others seconds later.

“I mean, it’s really scary. I went to Tabor for all four of my years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Frantazia told The Post.

“You can’t trust your kids to be safe at school or home or anywhere anymore.”

Students from the high school were being reunited with their parents at a nearby grocery store.

Why school shootings are happening again is anyone’s guess, but the reality is that this event will be used to push for the abolition of the Second Amendment just like all the others have been.

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A Landmesser
A Landmesser
September 2, 2021 12:12 am

Gee I bet the students were twerking in the halls and looking for stray whites to beat on. Its a black thing. The shooter is probably named Valvoline.

September 2, 2021 1:01 am

The Democrats, even their young are always to be regarded by a jaundiced eye as they have, in general, no moral center! 98% of felons in prison are Democrat or Democrat leaning! This is why DiBlasio and other Mayors and Governors of the Democrat Hells released them from prison.