Schumer Wants To Send The TSA To The Dogs

Schumer Wants To Send The TSA To The Dogs

In the entire shot mandate protest pantheon that American workers are staging at this point, the most disruptive group walking thus far have been airline pilots. Thousands of flights have been canceled and more than one airline has given in to their critically skilled workers who refuse to be jabbed with experimental gene therapies, no matter what brand.

The Tub Stacking Agency, oops, TSA, on the other hand, are federal employees, and that being the case can be compelled by the federal government to get shot up or lose their jobs. And if they walk out, the lines at security checkpoints at airports are going to be much more obnoxiously long than they already are.

Senator Chuck Schumer has an idea just in case the tub stackers walk off the job:

“If TSA lags in jabs, send in the dogs,” Schumer said during a press conference in Manhattan, citing recent revelations from the TSA that 40 percent of its employees remain unvaccinated.

“There is no reason on God’s green Earth why anyone — let alone a TSA agent — shouldn’t have the vaccine,” New York’s senior senator said.

“Now if the agency plans now with contingencies, including the deployment of the canine dog teams, wherever the vaccine rates are impacting staffing and security, travel headaches can be avoided,” Schumer insisted.

The dogs? Dogs are marvels of nature and fabulous animals, but their main job in law enforcement is to sniff out drugs and explosives, not look at an x-ray screen and determine if the laptop computer being screened is legit, or if that long piece of metal is a knife. Their utility and skill set just doesn’t match.

The pooches can’t even stack tubs, even if they most likely would have much better attitudes than the typical TSA employee. How can Schumer actually suggest such a thing with a straight face?

“The canine teams are really effective,” he said. “They can help secure national security and allow TSA agents to more effectively and efficiently screen individuals for explosives. It really works and moves the lines along.”

Which begs the question of how often are explosives found in the TSA lines.

The traveling public probably does not want to know.

In the meantime, the suggestions are quite humorous. Wonder what Schumer will think of next.

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D Buhler
D Buhler
October 19, 2021 12:30 am

Schumer and Pelosi should be killed immediately, followed by AOC.The
Dam party has weakened the USA>

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
October 19, 2021 10:52 am

Yeah send in the dogs just like the nazis did you communist new york bastard.Chuck you Schumer is a communist always has been I am so sick of this guy.

October 19, 2021 11:08 am

The TSA is useless anyway. They have the education and qualifications of line cooks and nursing home attendants and the power of Federal agents! LOL! Yeah…that was a great idea. Their job is to frisk and harass anyone who DOESN’T fit the profile of a terrorist while ignoring anyone who does fit the profile (for political correctness).