SCOTUS Deals Decisive Blow To Democrats

SCOTUS Deals Decisive Blow To Democrats!

The Supreme Court just dealt a serious blow to the Democrats that will most certainly have an impact on the recent announcement by the Attorney General who decided to sue the state of Georgia over their new voting rights law…

In a 6-3 ruling the Justices voted to uphold Arizona’s voting rules bill that was recently passed. The Democrats allege the new rules are discriminatory in nature against black, Native American, and Hispanic voters.

The two main issues revolve around the prohibition against ballot harvesting and disallowing votes cast in the wrong precinct. The ballot collection law prohibits everyone except family members from collecting and delivering mail-in ballots to the specific polling precinct.

The lower federal appeals court had previously ruled that both the ballot collection law and the out-of-precinct policy violated the Voting Rights Act because they mainly affected minorities… Statistics show that the percentage of minorities who cast ballots at the wrong precinct was only about one percent and non-minorities who cast ballots at the wrong precinct were at about half a percent.

The Supreme Wise Ones however held that:

“Arizona’s out-of-precinct policy and HB 2023 do not violate §2 of the Voting Rights Act and HB 2023 was not enacted with a racially discriminatory purpose.”

The majority opinion went on to state that:

“A procedure that appears to work for 98% or more of voters to whom it applies—minority and non-minority alike—is unlikely to render a system unequally open.”

The three Democrat-appointed justices, Kagan, Sotomayor, and Breyer, all dissented. Justice Kagan wrote in her dissent:

“What is tragic is that the Court has damaged a statute designed to bring about the end of discrimination in voting.” 

Not sure how she arrived at that opinion but to suggest that it’s racist to be assigned to a polling location near your place of residence is absurd…

I bet the Attorney General has to be pretty worried about the recent lawsuit he just filed against the state of Georgia because this is now case law, Supreme Court precedent, on two issues they are suing Georgia over… Looks like the Democrats are going to have a little more difficulty rigging the next election than they had hoped… LOL

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