Seattle Mayor Orders Police To Surrender East Precinct After Protesters Storm City Hall

Protesters are completely humiliating Seattle city officials after storming City Hall and demanding that the Mayor resign.

Protesters in Seattle, Washington stormed City Hall along with radical Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant and demanded that the Mayor resign. These same protesters have seized six city blocks that include the East police Precinct and show no signs that they will willingly return the area to seattle officials.

The protesters have been placing barricades around the area they have secured and defaced a number of government buildings. There are reports tonight that there are armed protesters patrolling the area and that the mob is extorting local businesses demanding money in exchange for their right to do business within the area they are calling the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

This all began to take place after Mayor Jenny Durkan banned the use of tear gas by police on Friday night and later ordered the police and national guard to leave the area leaving the protesters emboldened to take control and do anything they damn well please… And they have!

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