Seattle Residents Get Ominous Letter From Police Chief

The hard-working taxpaying citizens of Seattle, Washington were sent a letter from the Chief of Police on July 24, 2020, that the entire country should take note of…

On Friday, July 24th the City Council in Seattle, Washington passed City Ordinance 119805. This ordinance goes into effect on Sunday, July 26th, and bans the use of less-lethal tools used by law enforcement such as paper spray and electric stun guns.

Clearly this city council failed to consult with anyone in law enforcement and know nothing about what is known as escalating levels of force or the force continuum… If their objective was to reduce the chances of someone being hurt they have failed miserably… What they have done is left the Seattle police officer with only one weapon in their tool bag and that is their firearm… If a Seattle police officer feels as though their life is in danger, they have only one option to defend themselves or to protect the citizens and that is to shoot the threat with the most lethal tool on a police officer’s belt… Their pistol.

This has resulted in the Seattle Chief of Police, Carmen Best, sending a letter to the citizens informing them that she will be adjusting the department’s deployment in response to any demonstrations noting that she will never ask her officers to risk their personal safety to protect property without the tools to safely do so… Translation, don’t expect anyone to protect you or respond if you call them…

This isn’t exactly news to the residents of Seattle of anyone else living in one of the liberal hell holes these days… The police have been disengaging for weeks now and who can blame them? Every time they get attacked or someone complains they were mistreated another police officer loses their job or ends up criminally charged by some boneheaded prosecutor who is working harder to prosecute law enforcement officers than they are prosecuting real criminals… The rapist and killers…

The so-called silent majority had better start speaking up loud enough to get the attention of these clowns they elected to run their cities because they are letting the minority morons stomping their feet control them and in the end, the silent majority will suffer…

Check out the letter the Police Chief sent to the citizens of Seattle Washington below.

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