Senate Hands Down Final Verdict On Donald Trump’s Impeachment

After a week spent deliberating the single article of impeachment against former President Donald J. Trump the United States Senate has completed the Senate trial that has determined if he will or will not be removed from office… Of course, we all know that he is no longer the President so this was nothing but political theater…

The Senate has officially voted NOT to convict former President Trump with a vote of 57 to 43. Two-thirds of the Senate would have had to vote for conviction and that has NOT happened. There are a total of seven Republican Senators who have most likely destroyed their political careers voting to convict.

The seven Senators who voted to convict were as follows:

  • Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska¬†
  • Senator Susan Collins from Maine
  • Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana
  • Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina
  • Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska
  • Senator Mitt Romney from Utah
  • Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania

How these senators after sitting through a hearing where the Democrat House Managers were caught in stone-cold lies and doctoring evidence is beyond reason… After having watched the underhanded tactics utilized by the House Managers prosecuting the case one has to wonder how they have managed to keep their law licenses. And to finish off their week of lies and doctored evidence they used evidence that was never presented during the hearing and never turned over to the defense in their closing argument which brought objections from Donald Trump’s lawyers and members of the Senate.

Senator McConnell surprisingly voted NOT guilty but has taken to the Senate floor to explain how former President Trump was practically responsible for what happened but not legally responsible… What continues to amaze me is how all of them continue to say the president “should” have known what the people protesting were thinking and would do… The concept is absolutely absurd… No politician should be barred from encouraging the American people to peacefully protest, rally, and bring redress before their elected officials because they “think” they “should” know that it will lead to a group of radicals taking things too far… It’s as though they have forgotten someone tried to kill a baseball field full of Republican members of Congress in the name of Bernie Sanders and the Democrats.

Furthermore, they continue to insinuate that he did nothing to stop them once he knew they had attacked the Capitol as if he is the Chief of Police… They presented LOTS of evidence that members of Congress, as well as law enforcement, had intelligence that there were groups coming to the rally that had bad intentions yet NONE of them took steps to ensure the appropriate security and personnel were in place to deal with any such civil unrest… And one can not think about the event that occurred at the Capitol and the ensuing outrage that has followed without recalling the efforts of BLM and ANTIFA to overrun the White House this past summer… In fact, they mocked and made fun of him because the Secret Service moved him and his family to a safe location… No outrage, no Democrat took to the cameras demanding that the people leave, in fact, they took steps to assist in an effort to raise bail money for the unruly rioters in Washington, D.C., as well as other places around the country… The Democrats, along with the mayor of D.C. complained that the secret service had erected a fence and extended the perimeter around the White House.

It’s all moot at this point though… They have failed once again to “remove” Donald J. Trump from office and have failed to “disqualify” him from running from office again… Myself, initially I thought he would be a fool for wanting to step back into this mess we call politics, but after watching the events that have taken place, I would love to see him run again if for nothing else just to watch these overzealous corrupt Democrats lose their minds… Or what’s left of their minds if they ever had one, to begin with…

I am of the belief that we seriously need to tone down the rhetoric in this country and our leaders need to learn to start working together… Reasonable people can debate how appropriate some of Trump’s Tweets were or if his words were chosen well at times, but it is hard to have watched things that have taken place without acknowledging that Donald Trump was the one that was under constant, often inappropriate attack by the Democrats… He survived his four years in office, hell he survived his first campaign because he fought back rather than just curling up and letting them beat him down and I believe that is one of many reasons the American people supported him… Most Republicans I know have been sick of watching the Republican party just let themselves get beat down by the Democrats all the time… Americans want a President that will stand up for them and put America FIRST! It’s such a simple concept yet none of the Democrats and many Republicans still can’t seem to wrap their heads around that…

If I had to guess I’d be willing to bet things are only going to get more interesting and I don’t think Donald Trump will stay gone… This will likely motivate him more than ever to get back in the arena and if not I hope the few Republicans that had the courage to stand with him and his America FIRST policies will step into the arena and fight with the same vigor as Trump has… If we end up with the likes of Adam Kinzinger as the future of the party the GOP will evaporate eventually…

In the end, though, the final arbiters of who should and should not hold public office should be the American people… Not the politicians in Washington… They are there to represent the people on policies, NOT to determine who we can and can not vote for to be our President.

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